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Training Package 2 (TP2)

Online Live Classes

  • Live online interactive classes

  • Direct Access to the Faculty

  • Lecture Videos

  • Complete Study Material

  • Full Revision Videos

  • Every doubt will be solved

  • Standard Study Plan

  • Customised Study Plan

  • Question Bank PDFs

  • Past Sample Paper Questions

  • Mock Tests

  • Monthly Tests

  • End to End mentorship

About This Package


The FRM Training Package 2 is available for both Part 1 and Part 2. This package includes LIVE INTERACTIVE ONLINE SESSIONS, where you can ask your doubts in real-time during the classes. This package is most suitable for students who study best in a classroom environment. Studying for difficult papers like FRM in isolation is often extremely daunting and thus, when students study in a classroom type setup, they are better able to judge their progress by comparing it to that of other students in their class. We at Midhafin have one of the highest pass percentages of any institute when it comes to FRM exams and so students are given various tried and tested approaches to both question solving, as well as exam strategy.

Other than the live classes, the students are given a variety of different tools that they might need for clearing the exam. This includes our doubt forum which is highly systematic and we make it a point that every question on the forum is answered within reasonable time frame.
Further, we provide Mock tests, both sectional and full length, to aid the studying process of our students. This package comes with monthly tests and 5 full-length papers which prepares students for the exam. Our monthly tests are in line with our study planner and allow students to constantly test their knowledge throughout the studying process.

Another exclusive feature of this package is the Customized Study Plan. We understand that different students have different strengths and time commitments and so we are against the idea of ‘one size fits all. Students enrolling through this package would be provided with a customized study plan tailor-made to suit their individual learning needs.

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