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Training Package 1 (TP1)

Self Paced Course

  • Customised Study Plan

  • Lecture Videos

  • Complete Study Material

  • Every doubt will be solved

  • Question Bank PDFs

  • Past Sample Paper Question

  • Mock tests

  • Monthly tests

About This Package


This PRM package should be purchased by candidates who want to go for a self-paced flexible course with supporting resources from our side. This package equips the PRM students with the video lectures and some key resources from Midhafin and allows PRM students to keep preparing at their own pace. Our PRM video lectures have been created while keeping in mind the fact that many students might study from recorded PRM videos and thus, we have made the PRM resources extremely detailed and mapped them according to the latest PRM exam curriculum.

While we usually recommend students to go for PRM live classes, we understand that students have varying study styles and different time commitments and sometimes a self-paced package such as the PRM basic package works best for certain students.

The PRM basic package also gives students access to our PRM doubt forum which is highly systematic and we make it a point that every question on the PRM forum is answered within reasonable time frame.

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