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Boost your career in Finance with mentorship you can bank on!

Step up your career by acquiring the desirable skills and leading global certifications in Finance.

Midhafin focuses on Personalized Learning, Expertise and Employability.

In finance, desired skills are rare but not jobs! Become employable by pursuing the most reputed and admired courses in the industry, under the expert guidance of Midhafin.

Industry Experienced Faculty

Our faculty is extremely well trained and have real industry experience. They have taught hundreds of students and have prepared thousands of questions over the years. Quality of our faculty is something that we take great pride in and that we are often complimented upon by our students.

Systematic Doubt Solving

We believe curiosity is the mother of all inventions, and so we ensure every single relevant doubt of every single student is cleared within reasonable time frame. Our faculty encourages students to ask doubts and for them no doubt is small or silly. Relevant doubts from other sources are also answered by our faculty and we provide in depth and easy to understand solutions to our students.

End to End Mentorship

The relationship between our instructors and our students is not just that of instruction and teaching but also of mentorship. We help students throughout the process of learning and even beyond. From study planning, to the exam, to the relevant job interviews, we are there at every step with our students.

Highest Success Rates of FRM Globally

We at Midhafin, focus on striking a careful balance, between Knowledge and Relevance, between theory and analytics & between pure concepts and practical application.

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